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What Makes Handmade Soap Better?

The first step to healthy skin is clean skin.

We have specially formulated our soaps to thoroughly clean, but not dehydrate. It is important to strike the balance. When your soap is too stripping your skin tries to compensate by producing more sebum making you more oily and dirty faster. When your soap is too gentle you won't be clean, and you won't feel as clean either.

Each of our soaps are made to be both gentle, and cleansing. They are naturally high in glycerin which works as a humectant drawing in moisture from the air, and allowing you to use less lotion, or body butter. 

We use only plant based ingredients that provide unique benefits for your skin. Our scented soaps have less fragrance to make them gentle enough for most people including those with sensitive skin, and are always phthalate free. We use micas, which are mineral colorants, or infusions to color our soaps, such as calendula petals, carrot, charcoal, and coffee. 

Many other brands use ingredients that have been deemed as skin safe for use in soap, but studies have linked them with exacerbating skin disorders, and contributing to hormone disruption. 

We strive to be different. Our goal is to give you a healthier clean without the use of questionable potentially toxic ingredients, detergents, or harsh chemical foam boosters. 

Please check out our FAQs page here for more information. 

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