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About Loveless Soap

Great Things Can Start Small

Our skincare line has humble beginnings. We are a family operation. Our founder, Carmen Loveless, started by handcrafting skincare products to help her oldest son handle issues he was encountering with his sensitive skin. She then branched out by attending craft shows and hosting pop up shops. Her two older sons now assist with business operations as well. Our goal is to stay connected with the community, and bring the gift of beautiful skin to everyone. 

Handcrafted Through & Through

Every skincare item you see on our website has been handcrafted in small batches with attention to detail and care. We care about your skin, and want you to be the most beautiful you possible.

No Animal Testing 

Every item has been made with plant-based ingredients, and skin safe synthetics. No animal derived products are used, and no animal testing has been done in-house, or by any of the companies we source our ingredients from. It is our choice to remain a cruelty-free company. We believe in the ethical treatment of everyone, animal and human. 

We Love Animals

Our Values

We use local organic ingredients in our products whenever possible. Our use of the words cruelty-free and organic are not for hype. We respect all life. We highly value the human connection. We answer, and we listen. 

Loveless Soap Listens

Meet Carmen Loveless

Carmen Loveless Founder | Loveless Soap